I'm a self-professed sports ignorer in general; it's rare that I know the rules, players, or game schedule of any given sport. But even I know of Tim Tebow, the praying quarterback. Apparently he's playing baseball now with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the mascot of which sounds to me like what your mother used to call unfortunate stomach troubles.

According to Press Herald, Tebow's headed to Portland next, playing against the Sea Dogs at the home opener on next weekend, April 13-15.

Whether it's a publicity stunt or a simple change of heart, Tebow's switching to hitting balls instead of punting them (is that what quaterbacks do?) is attracting more fans than ever, at home and away, the Herald reports.

“We were just jam-packed,” said Greenville Drive General Manager Eric Jarinko, whose stadium seats 7,500.

“The amount of fans who wanted to get close to him was unbelievable. We had to have extra security just to be around him.”
New York Mets Photo Day
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