I always think these lists are fun. Baby names always intrigue me. It's like, where did your mum get that name from and why?  My mom once told me that if I was born a boy, my name would be Graham.  If she didn't go with naming me Kristina (Krissy), she was going to name me Gabrielle. See? Intriguing.

My new nephew was just born. My sister decided to name him Paxton, which I thought was super modern. I love that name, it's different. It got me wondering what other people have been naming their kids lately, since it seems like my entire social media feed is just... new babies.

The top 10 baby boy girl names in Maine for 2023, according to wabi.tv:

1. Oliver

2. Henry

3. Theodore

4. Jack

5. Owen

6. William

7. Liam

8. Lucas

9. Jackson

10. Everette

The top 10 baby girl names in Maine for 2023

1. Charlotte

2. Olivia

3. Evelyn

4. Harper

5. Ava

6. Emma

7. Willow

8. Amelia

9. Isla

10. Sophia

This is why these lists always intrigue me every year. I have one friend named Emma off of that girl list, and one landlord named Jack off the baby boy list. To me, if those are the odds, I don't understand how these are the top names, but hey, here we are!

You didn't ask, but I always said when I have a kid, whether it's a girl or a boy, I'm going to name him or her either Jordan or Post Malone. Sorry, I said it.

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