I was so excited to get to the 'County' for the first time ever...but then I learned THIS!

I wasn't actually IN the 'County'. What? How did I snap THIS photo!


I must have taken some odd ball way up to Danforth, Maine...because clearly it's NOT in the county!


The shaded area is the 'County'....boy was I close.

Okay...apparently another road trip is needed. According to Jana Whitten:

This County conversation is cracking me up!! Coming from a " county girl".. You can't say you've been there until you've spent the weekend there, & actually have gone to Houlton dairy bar (which is actually in Presque Isle)... Have seen a moose, & can see the the Canadian boarder!!! But nice try Lori Voornas!!!! I see a road trip in the future!!!

Okay...lesson learned. A picture does not count as a visit to the 'County'...sigh.

But - I'm all in! I thought the drive was actually pretty easy and very cool.