**NSFW video ahead!

Welcome to my life this week!

Just a bit of backstory... AJ from the HOM Morning Show is on vacation this week, so I've been filling in for him on the morning show. (94.9 HOM and Q97.9 are sister stations!)

Because I'm not really a morning person, I've been going to bed (or at least trying to) super early, so I can get up around 4:30 to do the show every day. When I woke up at 12:30am on Tuesday morning, I knew something was terribly wrong.

I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. I've been known to sleep through parades and cannon fire. So when I woke up to the sound of what I thought was my girlfriend taking a shower with the door open, that was just a bit surprising. In my sleepy haze, I began to wonder why the shower would be running with the door and curtain open, and the running water sound different than it usually does.

I walked down the hallway to discover that my bathroom (and a good part of my bedroom) was filling with water, from the ceiling on down. It was coming from the light fixtures, the vent in the bathroom, air ducts in the hallway, and another lighting fixture in the bedroom ceiling. Pretty scary stuff to wake up to!

Before you say it... I do know that water and electricity don't mix. I think I remember something about that from high school (I went to Biddeford... I think they taught us that!) When I was shooting the video, I also saw water coming out of the light switch in the bathroom, so I just didn't touch anything and waited to flip the breakers. Also, I wanted a well-lit video for the insurance company, just in case we needed it. Check.

So, it turns out that our upstairs neighbors (who couldn't be nicer) have been doing some work on their unit, and their shower piping got messed up somehow. The fire department guys were nice enough to get us out of there and start the process of fixing the damage. They shut off the water and called our property management company, and they are handling the repairs today. One of the perks of not owning your own place!

All the walls in the bathroom and the ceiling in there is getting replaced, which is perfect, because we just painted and redecorated it.

My girlfriend and I moved our three pets to a family member's house in Cape Elizabeth (or as Lori said, we're "slummin' it") for a few days, and I didn't get any sleep on Tuesday night. But I WAS at work on time to do the HOM morning show!

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