After a winter of joining other dog owners on East End Beach and the Eastern Prom, I was beginning to wonder how much of the forgotten dog turds make it through the melting snow piles to remain as eye sores and flip flop traps come spring.

Imagine my glee when I came across this upcoming event: April Stools Day!

On April Stools Day, Portland do-gooders join forces on the Eastern Prom to pick up rubbish, refuse, and dog doo. If retrieving forgotten poo isn't enough motivation for you to get out with your fellow volunteers on a beautiful April day, there are GOLDEN TURDS to discover that win you entry to the GOLDEN TURDAMENT! I'm not sure what that is but I'm guessing it's better than not getting a golden turd.

To sign up as a station manager or simply want to come clean up your neighborhood, volunteer at their website!

Friends of the Eastern Promenade
Friends of the Eastern Promenade

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