I didn't have to do this as a kid, but 2 people VERY close to me did - and it scarred them for life. Did YOU have to do this?


And by 'this' I mean use a bread bag to put your foot in and then put that bagged foot into your boot.

Your boot was fleece lined and kinda crappy, and the bread bag was to help your feet not get wet.

Ya know, and extra sock.

The two people I know (I shall protect their identity) BEGGED me to find out if there are others out there that had to do the same humiliating thing. Apparently, when one wears a bread bag as an extra sock, it does NOT stay in your boot like your parents claimed. Instead, it came out with your foot for the world to see that you were wearing..

bread bags.

I don't remember doing that. But I did not grow up in Maine, so maybe it's a Maine thing. Is it a Maine thing, or are the people I know the only ones that had to do this?

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