Maisy let one rip and then seemed a tad surprised...


Tricia Jamiol sent a video of their one year old rescue dog Maisy. Maisy was adopted and is from Georgia. Maisy likes fruit...but it appears fruit doesn't like Maisy.


Tricia is right. The funniest part is when Maisy slightly investigates what that noise was AND...what in God's name is that smell?

Oooooo, watermelon!

Why are farts funny? They are such a thing, that a fart was actually prominently featured in a Game of Thrones episode (Season 6 Episode 3). Seriously...did you know that? I only knew it was flatulence thanks to closed captioning which literally said 'farts'.


See? Farts are just funny. They always have been, they always will be.

Here's to the Maisys of the world. Thank God dogs have gas...what would we blame our own passing of gas on? Dogs or kids make great cover. If you have both in you home - you are set for life!

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