There's a long held belief that when you head off to college, you're probably going to wind up doing some really dumb things. That may be true to some degree, but when making poor decisions, you hope that don't result in felony charges. So enter in Exhibit A of what not to do when college is in-session and you're trying to have a little fun.

Shared on Reddit by Mike Gecawicz, the Orono Police Department is asking for help in identifying two people who took a piece of heavy machinery and did some significant property damage over the weekend. While it's unknown as of this writing whether or not the persons are University of Maine students, they both appear to be college-aged. If you're able to help with the case, you're asked to contact the Orono Police Department at 207-866-4000 or send an email to

According to NewsCenterMaine, this incident took place at Orchard Trails Apartments, a complex known to house many students who choose to live off campus while attending UMaine. The individuals in question are likely to face stiff charges for this stunt, including potential charges from police that include criminal mischief as well as restitution for the property damaged. If they're found to be UMaine students, the school could choose to discipline them for their behavior as well.

So yes, college is all about the experience. But it's a very wise idea to make sure those experiences leave with you a diploma and not a criminal record.

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