I only like seeing jellyfish in an aquarium and for some reason, Maine has a ton of them lately.


Sarah O'Keeffe took this video at Ferry Beach in Saco.

This is a tiny guy, nothing like the giant lion's mane jellyfish that washed up on shore of Peaks Island back in May. Quite the startling sight. This sucker was about 6 feet wide and red, blue and yellow. Super ick. You've got a global pandemic AND giant jellyfish? This could be a small lion's mane jellyfish.

But is it just in the news more, or is Maine seeing more jellyfish sightings? According to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, there have been more sightings. But since that's new for Maine, there's not a lot of research so GMRI needs YOUR help!

They want people to share their jellyfish sightings. The rest of us do too, but not for research purposes, just for EEEK! purposes.

Be careful and don't get stung!


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