So are massive jellyfish becoming Maine's summertime ice disks? For the second time in the last month, an extremely large jellyfish has washed up on a beach in Maine. Just a couple of weeks ago, some residents in Old Orchard Beach caused quite a stir when they shared photos of the majestic sea creature along the popular beach. At the time, you could have chalked it up to a one time occurrence. But now, it appears that Maine may be the vacation destination of choice for lion's mane jellyfish this summer.

Shared on Twitter by NewsProJoe via Danielle Callow-Ivers, take a look at the size of the lion's mane jellyfish that washed ashore on Peaks Island this past weekend. Danielle Callow-Ivers was so stunned by its size that she had her children lay down nearby as a point of reference.

Twitter via NewsProJoe (Danielle Callow-Ivers)

So what was the jellyfish doing on the beach? Well, Lion's mane jellyfish move thanks to the ebb and flow of tides. This particular jellyfish likely got caught too close to the beach as the tide moved out, leaving it washed ashore. Even when beached, the Lion's mane jellyfish can be dangerous. While their sting is not lethal to humans, it can be incredibly unpleasant.

Twitter via NewsProJoe (Danielle Callow-Ivers)

According to more Lion's mane jellyfish are showing up in Maine's waters than ever before. If you encounter one while swimming or on shore, it's best to keep your distance.

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