Who knows why, but some people like to have cameras pointing out their windows while they drive. Lucky for us, they catch people who get angry when you won't let them by in the passing lane of the Turnpike. 

The guy in the hatchback here seems to think that if you aren't going as fast as he is in the passing lane, while you're passing other cars, you somehow need to get out of his way.

Watch as this guy flashes his lights at the cam car, then when it is able to move over, races past it, ducks back in front of it and slams on the breaks. What a tool.

According to Maine DashCam, the driver's plate was reported to the State Police and no doubt the video footage will be supplied to them too.

Looks like you better think twice before you pull this stunt on the road. The cars around you may catch the whole thing on video.