Oh boy! If you've got a fear of clowns you may want to skip this, but it you are a big fan of Maine's own Stephen King, here's the trailer for It which hits theaters on September 8.

We've been scared before by Pennywise the Clown in both the novel and in the 1990 ABC miniseries. To this day, Tim Curry's portrayal of Pennywise still pops up in social media memes just to bring back those memories of one of the scariest clowns ever on screen.

The new film may change that image forever, as Pennywise looks even more frightening in his 2017 incarnation.

It seems like all the details are right. The town portrayed as the fictional Derry, Maine, could be any rural town in the country. It would have been great to have it film somewhere actually in Maine, but it was actually shot in Port Hope, Ontario, because filming in Canada is dirt cheap and sort of, kind of, maybe looks a little like Maine.

There are a few shots that reference Acadia National Park and what could easily be the log flume ride Thunder Falls at Funtown/Splashtown USA. Honestly though, anyone outside of Maine probably doesn't even care that it's supposed to take place here or even realize it. It's all about the clown.

If you'd like to compare the two versions of the most terrifying clown ever, here's the trailer for the VHS release of It from 1990.



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