Samantha Ramsdell

Samantha Ramsdell or @samramsdell5 as you'll see her on TikTok and Instagram has become a viral sensation all thanks to her giant mouth. In fact, she should find out soon if she's the official Guinness World Record Holder.

Big Mouth, Big Food

Her followers love seeing what she'll shove in there next. She's popped in 15 Dunkin' Munchkins, an entire large order of fries from McDonald's, a giant Cinnabon, and so much more. She even has a weekly series trying to find the biggest sandwich. For those of us with average pie holes, we have to suffer through taking partial bites of big sandwiches, never really getting all the goodness in one chomp. But, Samantha? Well, she doesn't have that problem. One bite and she's good to go.

The Q Morning Show

We ended up talking about Samantha one morning a few weeks ago after her McDonald's french fry TikTok went viral. Thanks to our helpful listeners we learned that Samantha is a born and raised Mainer from Scarborough.

That very morning we tracked her down and spoke with her on the phone. While she currently lives in Connecticut she visits home regularly. And she even said that she grew up listening to the Q and listens whenever she's in the area. Not only that but she was even featured on Ellen and she said being on The Q Morning Show was just as exciting. (New tagline? The Q Morning Show-Better than Ellen!) We knew we had to get her into the studio and today was that day.

Lobster Roll

While she is a lovely person and so much more than her mouth, we had to take advantage and see for ourselves how impressive her mouth really is. So thanks to the great folks at Red's Eats we secured a 2-pound lobster roll. How'd she do? Check out the video below.

We're so grateful to Samantha for taking the time out of her day to hang with us. Be sure to follow her on her socials (TikTok & Instagram) to see what food she'll tackle next!

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