A redditor recently shared a photo of this massive lobster claw to the r/mildlyinsteresting subreddit. Mildly interesting is an understatement... he came across The Claw (believe me, this thing deserves to be capitalized) at a Costco in San Francisco, and was dumbstruck but kept his wits about him well enough to snap a pic. Can you believe the size of this beast?! (Banana for scale.)


I want to know the story behind the behemoth sea creature that this claw came from. Was it 80 years old? A rare giant among typically sized lobsters? What are they FEEDING the lobsters in the San Francisco Bay? Are there steroids leaking into the Pacific Ocean?

To be fair, we've dragged in some pretty large monsters of the deep here in Maine that would give this Costco critter a run for its money. In 2015, Ricky Louis Felice Jr. showed off his 20-pound lobster that stretched a whopping three feet long. How do you like them apples, California Giant?!

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