If you live in the New Gloucester area, you may have been startled when you heard a loud boom on Saturday night. According to News Center Maine, it was caused by an exploding tannerite target.

Tannerite is the brand name of an exploding target and someone in New Gloucester fired at one which caused the boom that concerned people in the area.

You may remember when Kylie and her friends stuffed a giant pumpkin full of tannerite and fired at it, several times, before it exploded sending bits of pumpkin all over a gravel pit in Windsor.

People commenting on YouTube loved to tell these guys what terrible shots they were, but in actuality, they were hitting the target. I mean, it's a giant pumpkin that isn't moving. It's hard for anyone with any shooting skills to miss it. It just took a few shots to penetrate the pumpkin at a velocity that would ignite the tannerite.

We're not sure if the people in New Gloucester were exploding a pumpkin or not, but whatever it was is no cause for alarm. Just a bit of an annoyance.


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