One of Portland's most up-and-coming neighborhoods is West Bayside. In just the past couple years, the redevelopment of the area has produced several popular and unique businesses including the Fork Food Lab and Bayside Bowl. According to the Portland Press Herald, those businesses are getting together to throw a block party on July 28th to celebrate the revitalization of the neighborhood.

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The West Bayside block party will take place from Noon to 5pm on July 28th and will feature several food trucks and live music. The food trucks will line Lancaster Street, and there will be bars available at the new country-themed bar The Whiskey Barrel, Fork Food Lab and an additional satellite bar set up by Bayside Bowl for those indulging in adult beverages. If you're bringing the family, there will be a kids zone set up at the Public Works throughout the afternoon.

There are no tickets for the block party, it's just a show up and have some fun event.

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