Jennifer Charlton has found her passion in life. It's helping kids with autism and she was just accepted into a program called SkillCorps with the non-profit Global Autism Project. She needs a little help to reach her dream...

Global Autism Project is a nonprofit organization which provides training to local individuals in evidence based practices for individuals with autism. Global Autism Project believes that every child has the ability to learn and their potential should not be limited by geographical bounds. The Global Autism Project seeks to eliminate the disparity in service provision seen around the world by providing high quality training to individuals providing services in their local community. This training is made sustainable through regular training trips and contiguous remote training.

In February of 2017 Jennifer will head to Jakarta, Indonesia to work in a local Autism Center. There, she will train staff and parents on Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism, and work with them on community awareness of Autism.

She is raising $5,000 for the Global Autism Project. This money will fund the trainings the organization does, NOT her trip to Indonesia.

She's over half way to her goal! If you can help Jennifer, I know she would really appreciate it!


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