Another TD Beach 2 Beacon 10k is in the books. And although this was my third time running in the race, this year was unique for me.

It was my first time running it with a partner. Kathleen and I both managed to get the coveted registrations earlier this year. We've been running together pretty much ever since we met. It's so nice to have her as a running partner, because we motivate each other to do better. But I figured when it came to race day, we would both run at our own pace. See, she's much faster than me...and I wouldn't want to slow her down. However, she suggested that we run the whole race together, all the way to the end.

Well that approach actually ended up working out great for us. We were both able to run our best race, and we managed to stay together all the way until the end. And I ended up beating my time from last year, which was my ultimate goal.


So while I assumed that running with a partner slows one of the runners down, it actually helped both of us...a lot!


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