This is something that a dude with a thick accent should be telling me to avoid in the jungles of Africa!


But no, it was on a tree in Aroostook County on a nice late summer day just off a lake.


That's the kind of spider that will give a person nightmares. Now, I will say that it looks a lot bigger than it is. The body was bigger than a quarter and with the legs - well, they don't make money that big. including the legs. But sill...what's with the body that looks like it's racing car stripes?

Townsquare Media


This thing looks prehistoric! I have never seen anything like it and I've seen my fair share of black widows! They aren't half as scary looking as this thing! Those legs! He's doing an excellent job of blending in and ready to eat my face off.

Nothing bad happened, and I don't think Maine has a ton of poisonous spiders...but tell me...