Hadn't been to this store in a long time...and when I went I paused..for a long time...


Is it just me, or are these door backwards? Isn't the in door supposed to be on the right and the exit on the left? At almost every other ding dong store I go to, I'm pretty sure this is how it is.

This is the Shaw's over in Westbrook by Kohl's off Brighton Ave and Riverside Street. Popped in there for a last minute oops purchase. (oops I forgot).

But when I approached the doors I literally paused and was like...wha??

I'm right, yes? Or am I having a senior moment (they are coming fast and furious these days).


SIDENOTE: Shaw's has a promotion to collect stamps to get Rachel Ray stuff. I am not collecting the stamps and always look for someone to give mine too. I went into the aisles looking. No one was collecting. But one woman said, 'Q 97.9!!' She was so excited to see me and that made my day. So I told her to keep the stamps as a souvenir from Lori. She did. Too funny. 

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