You know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Fiddlehead Focus reports on poor Madawaskan, Logan Fontaine. He ran to the Madawaska police station Monday evening to report that he may have witnessed a bike thief when he saw a man holding bolt cutters as well as a girl's bike.

He left the car running and hadn't been in the station long and when he left to return to his car and back home he noticed that his car was gone.

Imagine Fontaine's shock. One punch to the gut seeing what he believed was a little girl's bike being stolen, and then at the police station, which theoretically would be relatively safe, and then his car just disappears.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Since he was conveniently at the police station the police immediately issued a "be on the lookout" notice so the vehicle was tracked down within hours by a Caribou officer.

Joel Landry was charged with unauthorized use of property violation of a release of condition, and operating after a license suspension.

While that certainly seems like some justice being served imagine Fontaine's surprise when he was able to get his car back and he had to pay a tow fine. Talk about insult to injury. I don't know how old Fontaine is, but hopefully, someone up in Madawaska at least bought him a beer after the whole ordeal.

At this time there is no word on the status of the bicycle.

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