It's the best reason ever!

You see...Patrick Dempsey heard about Bryce and Riley Deshaies from Parsonsfield. These brothers (13 and 11-years-old) have been helping Cans for a Cure in a giant way. Cans for a Cure helps the Dempsey Center - and when Patrick heard what they have been doing for the past 10 years, he said:

I have to meet these boys.

So meet them he did. He headed up to PY Estes and Sons in West Baldwin, where the Cans for a Cure trailer lives.


He chatted with Bryce and Riley, along with the gang from PY Estes and Sons, William A. Day Jr. and Sons and a bunch of excited family!


Bryce and Riley are working (along with an amazing community of supporters) on filling their 5th tractor trailer filled with Cans! Clynk has been stopping by and collecting them. they have over $3,000 dollars for Cans for a Cure - and it's JULY!

Patrick loved these guys and the whole family!


They talked about the importance of what they are doing and how it helps people...then they had him put his name on the Cans for a Cure banner. I signed that banner almost 5 years ago when my mom passed away from breast cancer.


He spent a good hour chatting with people, reporters and of course the boys. And


These boys are the perfect example of Cans for a Cure. Getting the community involved to raise money to help those fighting breast cancer! I've known this for years, and now Patrick Dempsey knows too!

Get ready for the Dempsey Challenge coming up on September 28th and 29th! Grab the Dempsey Challenge app to help with fundraising!