I spent wayyyy too much time looking for light bulbs and cotton balls this weekend. And it's not my fault.


You see, at BJ's - they moved the light bulbs over where the GPS devices used to be. As Patty, a manager said to me...'You need the GPS to find the light bulbs!' Don't you just hate that when you get a store memorized and you can zip around and find everything you need - WHAM! They switch it alllll around. This one cracked me up. I finally found those cotton balls...and I'm not sure this makes much sense.


Liquor?  Yup...liquor.


I had to take a picture, because it cracked me up. And it's because the Hannaford on Forest Avenue is doing a big remodel. This wasn't one of those swith-aroos. They moved stuff cuz they had to...but still. It was a challenge.

Now...where's that booze?