At first, I thought that someone was whistling at me. Nope.

I don't know how long this has been at BJ's, but it's really odd. I did read about Tally, and it looks like BJ's Wholesale Clubs throughout the country signed up with the company that makes Tally back in March. I'm sure it's taken all this time to get them into the stores. If you are a BJ's member and have heard weird whistling, then you've seen Tally. If not, let me show you.

So what does this whistling weirdo do? Well, it freaks people out a bit, even though it's very friendly. I mean it could have a harsh buzzer instead of the goofy whistle. That would make it weird and scary. Right now it's just weird.

What exactly does this Tally robot do?

According to Simbe Robotics, the company that came up with Tally,

Tally autonomously roams club aisles multiple times per day, leveraging computer vision technology to collect highly accurate shelf data that ensures products are in-stock, shelved appropriately, and accurately priced. This real-time data unlocks powerful efficiencies that enables faster restocking, directs BJ’s team members and members to quickly locate products, and provides valuable visibility into inventory tracking. Ultimately, Tally allows team members to be more efficient and re-focus more of their time towards providing exceptional customer service. Additionally, data captured by Tally can be virtually reviewed to ensure optimal club conditions and accurate merchandising execution.

The Produce News Facebook
The Produce News Facebook

I guess this is the age of AI, robots, and whistling that isn't a catcall.

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