Whoever is in charge of the Windham, Maine Facebook page was really clever with this warning about giving out too much information on social media.

These days with the stay at home order, we're on our smartphone and social media more than ever. If you've spent any amount of time on Facebook lately, you've probably noticed a lot of those question and answer type posts. Someone answers a set of questions and shared it or tags others do the same. Questions like, what's your pet's name? What town did you grow up in? What was your school mascot?

These seem like fun things to do with friends to pass the time, but the Windham Police Department can see right through these as demonstrated in a Facebook post where they answered some of these questions...with a message.

That's right kids. Be VERY careful what information you put out there for anyone to get their hands on. Armed with enough of your personal information, they can have access to your email, online banking and other secure information.

Very well played Windham PD!

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