Today in Augusta, Monday, April 20, hundreds of Mainers will protest at the capitol over what they feel are draconian quarantine rules that some would argue are killing their businesses and livelihoods, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The newspaper said it will be a rally near the Blaine House and State House, and led by Rep. Chris Johansen, R-Monticello.

The state of emergency was extended by Governor Janet Mills through May 15. The power to extend the stay at home order is given with the extension of the state of emergency.


As Americans, one of the things that we have is the right to protest and be proactive in our governmental process. However, when does that become too much?

My housemate and I have a saying, "these are not normal times," and people are more divided than ever in a time when we face a common enemy.

Most of because this is still early on, and not a lot of people have felt the personal loss yet.

I can only hope that we all find a way to put our differences aside and work together to bring society back to whatever stability we can after this moment of chaos ends.

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