Ever heard that saying "Think Globally, Act Locally"? It's the concept that we should keep the big picture in mind (conservation, political activism, random acts of kindness, etc.) but carry out our responsible actions on a local level (support local businesses, vote, volunteer) in order to affect change on the community you live in.

You can always shop locally by going to the hardware store or hitting up the mom and pop store on your block, but let's be honest: you go to amazon instead because who wants to get off the couch? Well, now there's a way you can shop locally, from your couch.

Products Made Here is a website that exclusively hosts New England businesses and their products. It's the perfect place to browse for a gift or to purchase a new variety of your amazon go-to items. You can browse by state and by product departments. They've got home goods, toys, personal care, apparel, and even grocery items. Ditch your online retailer and support New England businesses by getting your products on ProductsMadeHere! Think globally, act locally - while still watching TV on your couch (let's be realistic here).

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