Things got a little ugly on The Q Morning Show today over the story of a woman from California who smuggled her grandmothers dog into the hospital to visit her by disguising it as a baby.

21-year-old Shelby Hennick is a vet tech and obviously she loves animals. When her grandmother was admitted to the hospital for a few days, she wanted to see her dog, but most hospitals only allow service dogs. Wanting to make her grandmother happy, Shelby smuggled her grandmothers dog into the hospital by wrapping it in a blanket and pretending it was a baby. It worked.

There was some pretty intense on The Q Morning Show between dog lover Kylie and "I don't care for dogs" Jeff.

I think this is selfish and doesn't take other patients and staff into consideration. The rule is in place for a reason and you can't just go breaking rules because they don't suit your needs or don't agree with the reasoning behind them. Not everyone likes dogs and not everyone can be around a dog, especially in a hospital.

Kylie thinks this woman did what she had to to make her grandmother happy. She doesn't believe there is any harm in bringing a dog into a hospital. It's therapeutic for patients and doesn't see how it would affect anyone else.

The woman as received lots of support on Twitter and a good deal of criticism as well.

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