Amazing. Truly, simply, amazing that this is a thing. Shout out Portland, Oregon, for showing up on's list of Portland's Weirdest Events. We love to see it.

Yes, you read that right. Portland, Oregon, holds an annual "World Naked Bike Ride" every summer where hundreds of bicyclists...cycle commando. This brings me to the idea that (as a resident of the other city of Portland) we absolutely NEED to bring this event to Maine.

Nothing but net, but make it nothing but helmets.

The participants show up in full uniform; helmets and smiles. Some people will paint their entire body in body paint, while others choose to wear nothing but a pair of fairy wings. However nakey nake you want to be, everyone is welcome.

Portland, Maine, is such a "anything goes" kind of city, that I think this type of bike ride would really go over well with the locals who love to make a statement, right?

While it sounds like it's all fun and naked games in Oregon though, there's actually a purpose behind their all-natural bike ride. They're doing it to protest oil dependency, and honestly, I'm sure Maine could easily find their own reason to make a naked bike make sense for their own beliefs.

There may only be one problem when bringing this bike ride to life in Maine... legality, of course.

How Naked Can You Legally Be In Maine?

Well, turns out there are some rules when it comes to being naked in the state.

According to a 2010 article from the Sun Journal, "It’s legal in Maine to show your breasts in public."

So topless is OK.

However, has an indecent conduct statute that says that if a person exposes their genitals "under circumstances that in fact are likely to cause affront or alarm" that's a Class E crime.

You can check out the full list of the law here.

OK, fine, we won't be fully naked because jail is no fun. However, a half-naked bike ride sounds just fine, just throw on some body paint.

Who else is in for something like this in Portland or even somewhere else in Maine?

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