Ahhh, we've all been there. In fact, every single day we end up fighting the risk of going out in public and running into somebody you have to stop and make small talk with.

Small talk is absolutely No. 1 on the list of things that drain my social battery.

We took a poll on social media, asking Mainers where the worst place would be that you could run into someone. Tallying up the responses, there seem to be two top trending answers that people had. It's a tie for the top spot in this stance.

Mainers voted the grocery store, and the doctor's office as the two worst places to run into somebody you know (or even an ex) in public.

Interestingly, The Thought Catalog put together a list of the top eight worst places to run into an ex, and surprise, surprise, grocery shopping was No. 1. Seems whether it's an ex or just someone you know, you'd rather not run into them while getting your food shopping on.

Oh, and that website even mentions a worst place as "your therapist's office," which I'm unsure how you'd ever run into your ex when you're going to a therapy session, but never say never right?

And look I mean, I'm 2,000 percent agreeing here with the no. 1 spot Mainers seemed to say as the worst. Why is it that every time I don't want to see anybody as I'm trying to get in and out of a store in my PJs, I just HAVE to run into an old flame?

Sometimes, even worse. Sometimes you run into someone you went to high school with and we all know that means we have to step up the aimless small talk even more. Gross.

Let me shop in peace.

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