It started as an April Fool's joke, but then became reality! Wayback Burgers, a small fast food chain, just announced a new flavor of a milkshake and lines are around the block!

You know how crickets could be a good source of protein, well, I guess people were intrigued by drinking them.

Wayback tested a shake made with chocolate-flavored cricket powder and Oreos at a store in New York, and they had a line around the BLOCK for them.  So now they're selling them for REAL.

It's called the Oreo Mud Pie Cricket Protein Milkshake, and it's available until September. . . unless it's super popular, in which case they're planning on making it permanent.

The only bummer? The closest one is in Salem, NH. Actually...that's not that bad...ROAD TRIP!


Oh, and while they're doing weird stuff with shakes, they're also going to test out a Jerky Milkshake . . . which includes barbeque sauce, maple syrup, and Slim Jims.

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