Have you ever seen a dog ride on the back of a motorcycle?

It would probably make you do a double-take.

Turns out, there's a dog who's been cruising the country with his owner, Michael, on a motorcycle trip to hit all 50 states, 61 national parks, and wherever else the two want to drive.

And Sox the Bike Dog, as he's affectionately known, made a recent trip to Maine when he and Michael decided to hit up Acadia National Park in November.

As a fun Christmas treat, the park shared a video clip on December 25 of Sox riding through Acadia on their Facebook page.

But it's digging into the Bike Dog's YouTube channel and Instagram account where you can really see the magic of their story.

According to the YouTube video about their Maine trip in November, Michael said he and Sox spent five days in Acadia and "experienced sunshine, rain, snow, quiet beaches, empty trails, spotted a few deer, and had some quality time together."

And you can check out some of their photos from their Maine excursion below or at their Instagram page.

Michael's GoFundMe page reveals that he got Sox, a Siberian husky, in 2011 as a puppy. Not long after, he and Sox moved to Hawaii where he began to train his best friend to ride the back of a motorcycle. And his dog soon got the hang of it.

Michael's journey took him and Sox to a variety of places from everywhere like San Diego to New York City, and he mentions on his page that "Sox became the first dog to ever cross the entire country by motorcycle, Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean."

How amazing is that? It's pretty incredible just seeing that dog where his helmet and goggles and ride around like it's just an every day thing.

Not only does Michael want to take Sox on what he calls his "bucket list" trip, and experience the places they go across country together, but he also wants to inspire others and bring a smile to their face when they see him and his husky on the road.

So if you ever see a dog riding on the back of a motorcycle, it's probably Sox!

Check out more of Michael's and Sox's journey on YouTube here and Instagram here and their GoFundMe page here.

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