The Salvation Army needs your help - and they've made it easier.


Because of a late Thanksgiving date, the red kettle campaign has fewer days to collect donations and it's affecting the collections...a lot.

There are nine Salvation Army Corps in Maine and they are behind where they were for collections this time last year. But we're Mainers...and we always help when we can. Here are some of the areas needing some extra love.

  • Bath Salvation Army – only at 24% of kettle goal $ 68,000
  • Capital Region Salvation Army – only at 32% of goal $ 75,000
  • Portland Salvation Army – only at 32% of goal $190,000
  • Rockland Salvation Army – only at 18% of goal $ 40.000
  • Sanford Salvation Army – only at 35% of goal $ 35,550

The money goes to get toys to needy kids, food baskets and food vouchers, warm winter coats and so much more during the rest of the year.

But there is something new this year that might make it easier to help!

There are now smart chips and QR codes on Red Kettle signs that lets you use Apple or Google pay! You can just 'bump' or scan your phone to make a digital donation.

So, if you are short on cash, just bring our your phone and know that you are helping so many people..some of them could be your neighbors.

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