This little girl will BLOW YOUR EVER LOVING MIND! 

This is Colbi Gannett. Isn't she adorable? She's five years old, from Maine, loves the beach, her little brother, playing with her friends...oh and did I mention she has a NYC agent already and even in on IMDB? I was truly blown away by this little girl's amazing God given talent. You have to see her audition tape.

Chara Gannett

Chara Gannett (Colbi's mom) is an actress herself so she knows talent when she sees it and boy did she see it. She got Colbi into print ads and now in auditions for numerous jobs. She isn't a stage mom either, Colbi absolutely loves acting and even asked when she could audition again. She's only five and at four starred with Bill Murray and Frances McDormand in "Olive Kitteridge, the miniseries on HBO. Let's here it for little Mainer Colbi Gannet! I guarantee we will see her doing big things in the future.

Don't take my word for it, watch this little girl in action. A future Meryl Streep in the making. Prepare to be awed! #LITTLEMAINEACTRESS