Portland, Maine is rich with culinary options for every diet and every set of taste buds. The health conscious population looking for the perfect breakfast or midday snack will love this eatery hidden beneath 19 Exchange Street filled to the brim with fresh fruit, local nut mylk, and Nitro cold brew coffee.

If you've never tried Blake Orchard Juicery, here's your friendly reminder to get in there ASAP. Blake Orchard Juicery was created by Alexandra Blake Messenger, a college grad with a passion for sharing fresh nut mylks with her family and friends. She expanded on that passion to bring fruit, superfoods, and coffee all together in her Exchange Street location.

Check out these smoothie bowls! These gorgeous bowls make for excellent Instagram photos and they'll keep you well fed through afternoon cravings, too. My favorite is the Summer bowl with organic apple juice, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, banana, and shredded coconut blended smooth then topped with coconut berry crisp granola, fresh fruit, house-made honey roasted peanut butter, bee pollen, shredded coconut, and local honey drizzle. 

In addition to the smoothie bowls, I recommend trying the nitro cold brew coffee and the Insomniac cold pressed juice. Take the stairs down to Blake Orchard Juicery and discover the new fresh flavors and ingredients for your summer taste buds. 

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