UPDATE: It seems that there was more to the story than I realized as I learned there happens to be a violin scam going on out there. You can read how I felt when I found out here.

When I popped into Falmouth Shaw's, I saw the wildest thing.

First I could hear music. Then, when I saw a kid playing the violin. Then I saw the sign.


I wanted to donate immediately but had no cash. I spoke with the family and asked if they had Venmo, but they only had Cash App. Well, lucky me. This Shaw's is on Route One in Falmouth. This one-mile stretch of the road happens to be home to 10 different banks! So, I went and got 20 dollars to donate to the cause.

I spoke to the father and asked where he lives. He said just outside of Pittsburg. They were making their way home. All four kids were around, with the mother. While I was there at least 3 people donated. I asked if it was okay to make a video of the playing, and the father said yes.

I assumed that this boy was about 15 years old. That's when the father told me he was 12! 12? Yes, he's very tall.

I was trying to be sensitive to their situation and not pry, but I had so many questions. Why were they in Falmouth if they live outside of Pittsburg? How long has this kid been playing the violin? How were they getting to their home?

But I didn't ask. I just gave them 20 dollars, made a quick video, and was on my way. They all seemed so sweet. The father and son had kind eyes. The younger kids seemed very happy. The mom seemed wary of the strangers all around her.

I wished them all luck, thanked them for the music on a hot day, and left. The last thing the father said to me was,

God bless you.

I hope they make it to wherever they were heading.

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