Brayden was it by a drunk driver while on his bicycle. The driver was on bail for a pending OUI charge...


Nadine Molly
Nadine Molly


This sweet boy is in the hospital recovering from a horrible accident caused by a drunk driver who hit him. His single mom (of three) Michelle, has a long road ahead of her getting him back to his quiet life before it was turned upside down.


Nadine Molly
Nadine Molly


There is a GoFundMe page set up by a good friend Nadine Molloy. But this family needs so much. Michelle, mom, has struggled and saved to buy a mobile home in Pine Tree Estates Mobile Home Park in Standish. But she is falling behind in upkeep and they have threatened eviction. They have backed off because of Brayden's accident - but they still need to make repairs to stay in their home.

Her good friend Nadine has covered meals and started the GoFundMe page. But if you can help or know someone who can help with the following - that would be amazing!

  • The deck needs to be repaired first.
  • Any shutters that are broken will either need to be repaired or taken down.
  • Then the deck and shutters painted. (Nadine can get the paint needed)
  • The old ACs will need to be removed, trim around them replaced as existing trim is rotted and new ACs (in house) put in.
  • The yard - front, sides and back between trailers needs to be raked, sticks and branches picked up. Some aesthetically pleasing plants (even if still in containers) place around the yard to give depth and interest.
  • Michelle already removed a ton of extra nails and the broken post tops on the deck right before Brayden got hit.
  • Trash and excessive clutter must be removed from the property.
  • If there is someone out there that would be willing to maintain the lawn (mowing, trimming, raking as needed and hauling off the debrie) on a regular basis throughout this summer that would be freaking amazing! Her lawn is not allowed to get to more than 4 inches high.  
  • The easy items are Gift Cards to Hannaford, Shaws, Aubuchon Hardware or ACE Hardware, gas gift cards to Cumberland Farms, maybe some movie ticket for the Brayden's brother and sister so they can have some time away from the hospital and have some time to themselves.  


Nadine has taken upon herself to be the point person for all of this. Please call or text Nadine Molloy at 207-233-2793. Or on her Facebook page.

Thank you...and hug your kids.


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