There's great news in the sale of this little market.

This store has been around since the 1800s. It's pretty famous and has been featured in several magazines and is a must-stop for tourists. As MaineBiz pointed out,

Town Landing began to evolve from a convenience store to something of a tourist destination. It's been featured in national advertisements for Coca-Cola, gets regular reviews on travel website Tripadvisor, and has attracted celebrity visitors such as Dr. Oz and Walter Cronkite.

It's been in an ad for Coca-Cola? It sure was back in 1991 for a 4th of July commercial.

Here's where the news of a sale of this iconic place could be scary. It was bought by Big Tree Hospitality, which owns Eventide Oyster Co., Hugo’s, and The Honey Paw. It seems only natural that this perfectly located market would become a highly sought-after restaurant. But it's staying as an elevated hometown convenience store. Town Landing has gone through a few ownership changes. But a lot of the store is the same. Including a sign on the front of the building advertising 'FRESH NATIVE ICE CUBES'. And like all of Maine, it explodes in the summer serving over 300 customers a day with 30 employees.


According to MaineBiz, the new owners will keep the store the same. They will make some improvements, but no changes in the short term, and just minor changes in the long run. The COO of Big Tree, Kira Butera told MaineBiz,

This is a classic Maine variety store and we aim to keep it that way.

That includes keeping the name. I couldn't be happier and wish the new owners much success in keeping this iconic store in Falmouth alive and vibrant.


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