Can you believe that 1997 was 20 years ago?

In this amazing highlight reel from "The New Q97.9" in 1997, you can hear Jeff taking fax requests (yes, FAX requests!), Meredith giving away tickets to see N*SYNC, and a ton of other great memories.

For those of us that have been listening to the Q forever, these clips are from March 1997, April 1998, and August 1999. Lori hadn't joined the Q Morning Show yet, and Steelzy was still just a little baby DJ.

...Ryan and Kylie were 6 and 7!

The music and technology has changed so much, but it's definitely still the Q!

And hold on, because after the Jolly John commercial, you could score a limited-edition CD-ROM! WOW!

Now here's a challenge for everyone out there in radioland... Do you have any old recordings of the Q on cassette? Yeah, remember those tape things? If you do, dig 'em out because we'd love to hear 'em!


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