Whether they live here in Maine or they've visited and gushed over our countless microbreweries, that beer lover on your list is gonna need something under the Christmas tree come December 25th. There are tons of things you can get him or her besides the go-to 6-pack of their favorite booze.

Explore the local breweries of Maine on a bike, bus, or boat! It's a great way for you and a friend or a larger group to experience a bunch of local brews, safely and without the headache of planning your own schedule and logistics.

2) DIY Growler

Any of the breweries around these parts have some pretty nifty growlers branded with their logo that you can fill up with their brews much cheaper than buying by the pint. Grab your buddy a growler and pair it with a gift certificate to the brewery to let them choose their own adventure *and* have a lasting keepsake.

What's better than playing games, drinking beer, and perusing Maine's hundreds of local microbreweries? Not a whole lot for someone love loves drinking local. Pick up some tickets to Portland on Tap for you and your friend and look forward to something after all the holiday excitement has died down!

4) Brewery Swag

Alright, so your schedule (and liver) may not support drinking beer all hours of the day... but you can always rep your favorites with a winter hat, t-shirt, or hoodie! Plus, you can always grab a pint when you stop in to buy for your pal. Win win!

This is a cool unique home decoration for anyone who enjoys different varieties of bottled beer - buy it here on etsy or find it in a store downtown (I've seen in it more than one touristy shop!)

BottleCapArtCo via Etsy
BottleCapArtCo via Etsy

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