I love my city. Portland, Maine is the best city on the east coast with something for every person, no matter what you're interested in and what kind of day you want to have. If you want something low key, casual, but still a true Portland experience, here's a timeline for your day.

Casual Day Trip in Portland, Maine

10 a.m. Grab coffee at Bard and explore shops on Exchange Street.

Bard is my favorite local coffee shop in the Old Port. Their baristas are highly decorated in super advanced latte art and other coffee related things I don't quite understand. I know it sounds like you'd be overwhelmed with hip millennials at this shop, but I promise, this local coffee shop is not intimidating or inaccessible for someone outside of the 18-25 crowd. Plus, a good mocha transcends age boundaries.

After caffeinating, head down Exchange Street to explore the local boutiques, jewelry stores, pet supply shops, and more interesting vendors.


12 p.m. Get lunch at Portland Lobster Company and enjoy the waterfront scene.

Cliche? Who cares. This lobster roll has one of the best views in the city. It's not enough to have an ocean view in Portland, you gotta get on top of the water at Portland Lobster Company.


2 p.m. Book at tour at the Wadsworth-Longfellow House for a taste of Portland's history.

If your brain is itching for some knowledge explore one of the historical sites around the city. The Wadsworth-Longfellow house is one of my favorites. It's loaded with stories from Portland's earliest days and the real life belongings of one of the most revered poets of his time (and ours), Henry Wadsworth-Longfellow.


5 p.m. Admire the city from above with pre-dinner drinks at Top of the East.

It's tough to beat the view from Top of the East in Portland's Westin Hotel. Get there early to score a window seat.


7 p.m. Dive into seafood for dinner at Boone's Fish House & Oyster Room.

I'm a big fan of all the Rooms Restaurants in Portland, with Boone's Fish House & Oyster Room being a great spot to slurp some oysters and order your meal a la carte. Plus, if you're looking for more entertainment after you eat, it's on the same pier as The Porthole Restaurant & Pub and it's stellar bar over the water.



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