Need a great spot to grab a coffee and meet with clients or catch up with an old pal? These 6 coffee shops in Portland, Maine serve up stellar lattes, Americanos, and classic cups of good ol' coffee with unique ambience and great seating options. No matter what you're looking for, Portland's coffee scene has a variety of coffee shops for every taste and occasion.

Tandem Coffee

Where: 742 Congress Street

Parking: Yes

Try: Sticky buns, oatmeal, housemade almond milk latte Reviewer Katie H. says: 

This place reeks hipster from every pore of its being. Yet the baked goods are so heavenly that I'd marry this place in a heartbeat.



Speckled Ax

Where: 567 Congress Street

Parking: Street/Metered

Try: Fruity pebble latte, siphon coffee, Kenyan pour over Reviewer Staci H. says: 

What can I say, I sat and sipped in a fruity pebble latte while people watching in what was a delightful 30 minutes. I can't say much other than the fact that the latte legit tasted like I was eating a bowl of fruity pebbles. It was surprisingly fabulous.



Bard Coffee

Where: 185 Middle Street

Parking: Street/Metered

Try: Soy lattes, Nitro cold brew, Vietnamese iced latte Reviewer Maggie R. says: 

My husband is a coffee snob and he loved his vanilla latte. He said it wasn't bitter and had the right amount of flavor that it wasn't over powering. Me, being the 4 year old I am, got soy hot chocolate and it was so delicious! You could tell how freshly made it was.



Portland Patisserie and Grand Café

Where: 46 Market Street

Parking: Street/Metered

Try: Soy lattes, Nitro cold brew, Vietnamese iced latte Reviewer Tony W. says: 

I may have just found a new favorite cafe in Portland. Except it's more than just a cafe. It's a bakery (they have a delicious assortment of pastries, sweets, and cafe breakfast and lunch options). And it's a bar - sort of (they have wine and beer). In short, it's a very Euro-style cafe.



Coffee ME Up

Where: 211 Cumberland Avenue

Parking: Street/Metered

Try: Vietnamese iced coffee, Turkish coffee, blueberry muffin, spanakopita Reviewer Mary Beth P. says: 

A true hidden gem. A new coffee shop/food joint that just opened up in Portland. Just a block from monument square with plenty of space and outlets to get some computer time from, without all the jam packed crowds of in town!



Hilltop Coffee Shop

Where: 100 Congress Street

Parking: Street

Try: Breakfast biscuits, iced Americano, dark roast Reviewer Ruby D. says: 

I was sick of the uncomfortable seat at Bard, so I decided to venture out to a place that is slightly off the beaten path. Hilltop, although not as modern and hipster as Bard, fits perfectly into Munjoy Hill neighborhood. It was unpretentious and cozy like an old house's living room, with lots of windows and sunlight.

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