News Center Maine probably won the internet this week with this amazing story of a 95-year-old Mainer who went toe to toe with a rabid fox, and won.

Robert Galen of Brunswick, at the still-green age of 95, took matters into his own hands this week when a rabid fox came up to him on his deck.

First of all, this dude was outside fixing his deck. At 95. I can't even fix my own deck myself, and I'm literally 70 years younger than this man.

Anyway... this poor fox had no idea what hit it.

Turns out, Robert survived a plane crash, a shipwreck, and service in the United States Navy, so a little rabid furry friend didn't take much work.

He bashed the thing's brains in several times with a wooden plank, and then tumbled with it into an azalea bush.

Rabid animals have been terrorizing the Brunswick area lately, and it's good to know that the old guard is still out and on the lookout for mischief afoot.

Stay classy, Mr. Galen. You are our hero.

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