The last two Smurfs movies weren't that good, but the new one is actually really good!

Movie Mom really did not like the last two Smurfs movies. It really bugged her that Smurfs were put into live action and that they just replaced words with Smurf for no apparent reason.

Both of those are missing from the new movie, 'Smurfs: The Lost Village".


It also answers the question..why is there only 1 girl Smurf?

Then it's 'Gifted' - Movie Mom calls it a 'Hallmark' movie with Chris Evans (Captain America). So, good..but ya know...Hallmark-ish.

Then there is 'Going in Style' a remake of a 70's movie starring George Burns! It's 3 old guys robbing a bank. Pretty predictable, but not horrible.

Or you could stay home and get your geek on with Rouge One out on DVD!


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