If you noticed this past summer, something was missing from Casco Bay, what do you think it was? None other than Cruise ships. As the Corona pandemic started, we heard stories of people being on boats out in the middle of the ocean sick and not being allowed to come into port. Then ships stopped sailing and were left in the middle of the sea. Some offshore because there wasn't enough space at the dock. Others, because of the engines, needed to be kept on to keep the boats from rusting. Now the cruise industry wants to go back to work, and they're ready to take passengers out on the sea for fun. I know you're thinking, how are they going to be able to guarantee there won't be any sickness on their ships? According to WMTW Channel 8, all cruise lines collectively promise 100% COVID testing before any boats leave port.

"With support and approval of regulators and destinations, cruises could feasibly begin during the remainder of 2020," the Cruise Lines International Association statement said.

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Mind you, schools have only been open for about two to three weeks, and there have already been several outbreaks around the country, including one as close as Sanford ME. I cannot wait to travel just like the next person; I want to get out and be free and explore. I cannot wait to get out of this cage known as "almost lockdown." However, would committing to a cruise at this point be jumping from the flame to the frying pan? What are your thoughts? Are you ready to go on a cruise?


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