A police officer in Auburn was checking a property when he came across this injured hawk, unable to fly.

Officer Andrew Jarman was able to get the hawk into a container and it was later taken to Avian Haven in Freedom, Maine that rehabilitates wounded birds in a effort to return them to the wild.

A job well done Officer Jarman.

If you should find an injured bird like Officer Jarman, Avian Haven explains what you should do on their Facebook page:

If you have found an injured or orphaned bird try to keep the animal WARM, DARK, and QUIET. Keep in mind that we are predators in their eyes. Any external noise and visual stimulation is very stressful. A cardboard box with holes poked in the side and an old towel or t-shirt on the bottom is the safest container. This reduces visual stimulation and also protects the bird's feathers. It is important to contact a certified wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible.

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