You know what, I've been told about this pizza place before.

I've been told that Micucci's Grocery is like a hidden gem for pizza, so it wasn't too surprising Barstool's Dave Portnoy came here for a review.

However, what IS surprising, is the fact that he agreed to review it considering Sicilian-style pizza is astronomically not his thing.

One thing I love about Dave is he won't be afraid to tell you the truth. Here he goes:


Recap: Micucci's Grocery in Portland, Maine, got a 6.4 on the ratings board.

Honestly, that's not as bad as I thought it would be since he called it a "floppy mess."

I mean, we all knew after his Slab review in Portland, that he wasn't going to take well to a different place with the exact same style of Sicilian pizza.

People who aren't Dave Portnoy and aren't looking for a crunchy undercarriage love both Slab and Micucci's pizza (let me stick up for my local people here).

My favorite quote that came out of this wild man's mouth in that video:

"If im not having an earthquake, then I wanna leave the state... Awesome grocery by the way. I bet the sandwiches are fire, the wine, the whole thing. It's just not my style of pizza."


At the same time, how fair is it when he knows he only likes the thin crunch-style pizza, to go and review some that's the complete opposite? Exposure is exposure though, baby. Do your thing.

Are you a fan of Micucci's pizza? Where's your favorite pizza place in Maine?

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