One of the most underrated important elements when you go out to eat or get a drink, is the bathroom situation. If a place has a really nice bathroom, let's be honest, we're gonna want to go back to that place a little more next time.

So, I found this list compiled by of the top 10 best public bathrooms near Portland, Maine. I mean, honestly, it doesn't hurt to have this kind of knowledge in your back pocket when you're romping around downtown for the day.

But here's the problem, when you actually look at the list, some of the places definitely do not have public bathrooms.

One of the locations that sticks out to me here is Fort Williams Park. Do they really have the best bathrooms?

Turns out, a quick Google search reveals Fort Williams Park doesn't have any bathrooms. According to, there happen to be some porta-potties in the area you can use.

Good to know.

Another location on the list that surprised me was the Hilton Garden Inn Portland Downtown Waterfront. What?

Turns out, the reason it made the "list" is because a review happened to use the word public restroom, but the context isn't even referring to the hotel. And no, it doesn't have a public restroom for you to use.

Always make sure to double-check what you're looking up because sometimes the first place you look might not have the right answer.

Maybe Yelp should just stick with helping me find a good place to eat.

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