The Stephen King series is beloved...but the movie - yikes. 


If you are a Stephen King fan, then you will appreciate some 'Easter eggs' hidden in reference to other King movies. Other than that, Movie Mom really liked the gun slingers coat. She liked how it was long, black and flowed. Again, she was looking for something nice to say.


Then there is 'Kidnap' with Halle Berry. This movie was made 3 years ago and just released. Why so long? Maybe they thought it would be better with wine? It's a stinker and one of the worst movies of the year! Yes, it's about Halle's kid who is kidnapped and then she spends the rest of the movie making the worst choices possible to get him back.

Good news about 'Kidnap'? Movie Mom says it's short. Only 90 minutes.

There is one good movie out. 'Detroit'. Based on the true story of rioting in Detroit back in 1967 and directed by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow. It's a poignant story that resonates (sadly) today and lays out why 'black lives matter'...

On DVD a movie that Movie Mom says you'll never guess the ending of, 'Colossal with Anne Hathaway. We find out she's friendly with a monster terrorizing Korea...then it gets weird.


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