This type of article is getting written too much. Seriously. I'm sitting here yet again writing about how local Maine and New Hampshire women -- OUR FEMALE NEIGHBORS/FAMILY MEMBERS/FRIENDS -- can't do something as simple as watching a sunrise or sunset in peace without being harassed somehow.

Not even two weeks ago, I highlighted two different occasions where local women were either followed inside of a store they were simply shopping at -- with one of the women even followed out to her car and almost blocked getting out of her parking spot. Fast forward to real-time, and a woman named Lisa Marie just told a story about a recent encounter with a "passive-aggressive older gentleman."

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Western Prom in Portland

If you've been in or around the Portland area long enough, you know that one of the best viewing points for a Maine sunrise or sunset is the Western Promenade in Portland. And that's exactly where Lisa said she was in a recent post to the Portland, Maine Facebook group.

"If you are a single lady alone or a female in general looking/going to tan at the Maine Medical “view” be very careful of your surroundings, an older gentleman on a blue bicycle. Very passive aggressive and wouldn’t leave me alone."

Luckily for Lisa, as she noted in her post, a Maine Medical employee was nearby, saw what was happening, and intervened to help out.

"Shout out to this gentleman. I don’t know who (he is), but he is a blonde man who wears his hair in a bun and (had) blue khaki pants on. THANK YOU SIR."

Lisa mentioned that before the Maine Med employee stepped in, the man on the blue bicycle was making her feel very uncomfortable and wouldn't leave her alone, despite repeated requests. She also went on to mention that the blue bicycle guy was "asking some really, really weird stuff."

If someone says they want to be left alone, leave them alone. It's truly that simple.

So, here's yet another note or reminder to the blue bicycle guy and men in general -- pay attention to the words said to you. Even if you have nothing but the best of intentions in mind and are just looking for polite conversation, listen to the words spoken to you. If someone says they want to be left alone, leave them alone. It's truly that simple.

Here's hoping this will be the last time this type of article will be written. (Sadly, I can almost guarantee that it won't be.)

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